A few thoughts about Corporate Culture……….

More and more when discussing new hires with senior leadership teams, the term “Corporate Culture” keeps popping up.  As such, I thought it worth spending a few moments sharing some thoughts.  


As the corporate world continues to evolve, companies are beginning to adapt their culture to match the trends that are emerging. According to a survey from Forbes, by 2024, 83% of business leaders will prioritize corporate culture as an essential part of their success. 

This means that corporate culture needs to be more than just a slogan on the wall. Companies are now focusing on creating cultures that prioritize inclusion, empathy, and support for employees. A recent survey from PWC found that 69% of companies plan to introduce more flexible working arrangements and remote working policies to provide greater work-life balance for their employees.


Companies are also beginning to recognize that employees will be more engaged and productive if they are supported and encouraged in their goals. To this end, many businesses are now incentivizing employees to take part in professional development and education. According to a recent study from Randstad, 88% of employers plan to invest more in employee wellness programs and provide resources to help employees stay healthy and motivated.


These changes are ushering in an exciting new era of corporate culture and are sure to have a positive impact on businesses and employees alike. 


When it comes to corporate culture in hedge funds and private equity, the changes we’re seeing are nothing short of remarkable. According to the Private Equity Growth Capital Council, the number of employees in PE and HF firms has grown by nearly 20% since 2019. The shift in culture has been driven largely by millennials, who now make up the majority of the workforce in these industries. This generation of workers is seeking a workplace that is collaborative, transparent and diverse, and firms are doing their best to accommodate.


But what does the future hold for corporate culture in hedge funds and private equity in 2024? According to a recent study by Deloitte, firms are expected to focus on developing a culture of innovation in the coming years. This includes encouraging employees to think outside the box, staying up to date on trends, and embracing technology to stay competitive.


Creating and maintaining a great corporate culture is essential for the success of any financial services company. It is important to set the tone and expectations for the entire organization, and provide the right environment for employees to thrive.


Creating a corporate culture for the future requires taking a look at the trends of today. Studies have shown that employees are looking for a culture based on trust, collaboration, and recognition. Companies that prioritize these values are seeing increased employee engagement and improved performance.


A key factor in creating a great corporate culture is providing employees with the resources and support they need to do their best work. This means offering competitive wages and benefits, flexible working hours, and providing opportunities for professional development.


In addition to offering the right resources, companies must also strive to create a more diverse and inclusive culture. This means recruiting a diverse workforce, providing equal pay and promotions, and implementing policies that foster inclusion.


Finally, organizations must focus on creating a culture of continuous learning and innovation. This means investing in employee education and encouraging employees to take risks and think outside the box.  To conclude, the future of corporate culture in financial services is bright. Firms are beginning to prioritize the development of a culture of innovation and collaboration, which will benefit both the company and its employees. As we move past the summer of 2024, it will be interesting to see how these trends continue to evolve.

Feel free to reach out directly to discuss this topic further as well as any other questions or concerns regarding the current hiring climate. I guarantee that in our call together you will leave with 2 or 3 ideas that will greatly impact your ability to find, attract, and procure the top 10-15% of the candidate pool on a consistent basis.



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